Terms Of Service: 

  •  We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster. Cleaners are not allowed to step higher than a 2 step step stool.                  

  •  Some homes have at least one vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand. We do offer ceiling fan cleaning at an additional charge

  •  We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive build up may require an additional charge.    

  •  If your blinds are brittle and need replacement we cant clean them.                

  •  Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave, we try to limit the dust in the air but cannot prevent this entirely.                                  

  • We cant guarantee the results of window track cleaning if it is heavily soiled and not easily removable than you may need to call a professional window cleaner.

  •  We do not provide laundry services.

  •  We do not clean outside windows.

  • We do not polish wood floors.

  • Dust blinds (we are only equipped to do a superficial blinds dusting or wet wiping. Scrubbing or thorough cleaning requires a blinds specialist, if dust or dirt is not easily removed.)

  • We do not do dishes by hand

  • Payment Policy: Payment is due on the day of service by check or cash for recurring cleanings.

  • As of February 2018 We No Longer accept Checks for Deep Cleans or One Time Service unless its a Cashiers Check, or a checks written for Cash only in the payee section... we also offer the option for you to pay in Cash.

  • Checks are accepted by recurring clients only.

  • We offer electronic payment options such as venmo, apple pay or email invoicing and for direct deposit.

  • If you book a basic cleaning service which is reoccurring it has a discount applied and if this is your first initial cleaning, and you cancel before the next reoccurring cleaning date then your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance due and will be charged as a One time service. Which is 90$ an hour.

  • If the cleaning is completed successfully before the minimum time allotment given it will be charged the minimum time allotted.

  • In the case your home/office is excessively dirty we may not be able to complete it entirely in the time allotted. We need you to be honest about the last time it was professionally cleaned or we may have to schedule more time or get what's left in your recurring cleaning ( if scheduled ) or request more time, which is approved by you. Most homes can be deep cleaned completely within 3- 5 hours.

  • If you have purchased hourly cleaning, we can only guarantee that a cleaner will stay for the specified amount of time. We may not be able to complete all tasks if time runs short. Therefore, if the problem involves the time needed to complete the cleaning service rather than the quality of the service itself, we can only correct the problem if you purchase additional cleaning time.

  • If a cleaner falls sick etc. during a multiple cleaner booking we still charge for that cleaner because staff has to make up with labor for that cleaner not being there.

  • We also reserve the right to schedule cleaners as needed and not adjust rates if one is absent.

  • Keys / Alarms

  • clients provide us with a key to their home, and we are very vigilant about safeguarding your key.  In order to protect your identity and safety, each key is assigned a coded number and kept in a key safe in our office.   Your key will only be accessed by your service team the day of your scheduled cleaning service and it is returned to the office at day’s end.

  • We do not return keys by mail or courier – we will only release keys to clients whom we meet within 48 hours and show a government ID.

  • For alarm systems, while we prefer it to be turned off on cleaning day, you can show the service team how to operate it if it is a simple system.

  • Arrival Notice

  • If you would like to give your service team access to your home yourself, please understand that we can only give you an approximate time (ie:  8:30 - 9:00 or 1:00 - 1:30), since many things, such additional client requests or traffic, can affect the best planned schedules.  The best and most efficient way to avoid this is to leave a key.

  • Payments

  • For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Cheque.

  • Payment for all cleaning services is due at the time of cleaning unless otherwise arranged with the office.

  • A $10.00 non-payment fee will be incurred if payment is not made on the scheduled service day and 15% will be added to the total balance for every month still owing.

  • A 30.00$ fee is applied to all NSF checks or Returned Checks.

  • If you use a credit card, your account will be charged the balance due, after or before each cleaning.

  • We reserve the right to pursue alternate methods of collection if the fee's and amount Due is not paid.

  • Cancellation

  • If you need to cancel / rearrange a scheduled cleaning, please notify us 48 hours prior to your scheduled day.  This allows us to service another appointment and is also a more efficient use of resources and helps keep your costs down.  Less than 48 hours’ notice or locked out means that we will not be able to fill that time – as a result, the service team’s earnings decrease.  A lack of consistent wages means we cannot keep the most professional and committed staff to clean your home. Cancellation fee of $70 plus applicable tax will be assessed.

  •  Cleanings are by appointment only. If we are unable to gain access  or are turned away at the time of cleaning, there is a $70 fee. Respecting our policies for rescheduling or cancelling helps insure you will get the best house cleaning service possible. Please contact the Office Manager if you have requests or concerns – this allows us to better address and resolve the issues.  Please do not communicate these important details to the service team.

  • If you would like to terminate your  services, please submit this to the office in writing and give a written 2 week notice.

  • Refunds

  • Since cleaning is a very tailored and personal service, we cannot offer refunds to clients. However, your satisfaction is important to us. If you are not happy with the work, call us within 24 hours and we will come out and re-clean the area at no additional charge.

  • We will discontinue to offer re cleans if we feel you are abusing them, then we will terminate our services and refer you to another company.

  • We do not offer refunds for gift certificate purchases.

  • Our 24-Hour Guarantee

  • We stand behind our work - if you are not happy with the work, call us within 24 hours and we will come out and re-clean the area at no additional charge.

  • Gratuity

  • Gratuity is not required or expected, but always appreciated. If you do choose to leave, cash is preferable as it will be shared equally by your cleaning team. An occasional note to the team when they really impress you would also be welcomed. In addition, your cleaning team receives bonuses based on your feedback, so please call or drop us a note through our website.

  •   Employees or Contractors

  • We value our employees and take their safety very seriously, so our policy requires that they not lift anything heavier than 15 lbs, nor use ladders.  We do not want them to risk back injuries, and, we do not want to damage your floors either.  If you would like cleaning done behind a refrigerator / stove, sofa or other heavy furniture, please have it moved prior to cleaning so your service team can access the area.

  • Referral Job Placement Fee

  • Your Service Agreement states that you agree not to hire any past or present Service Team members, for any home-related services that you are introduced to through us. If you wish to employ a Service Team member, our referral fee is $2000.00 - this is due in full immediately upon employing or using the past / present staff member, regardless of whether the employment is continuous employment or on a contract basis

  • We reserve the right to pursue alternate methods of collection if the fee is not paid.

  • Damage/Loss

  • Please notify us within 48 hours of the cleaning date and we will make arrangements to have the item repaired or replaced for you. 

  • If your keys are lost or miscoded, key replacement costs / locksmith fees will be paid.  There is a $50 per location liability limit.

  • If any invoices remain unpaid, all rights regarding a Damage / Loss claim are waived until the outstanding amount is settled.

  • We may consider unpaid invoices of services as a “Payment Settlement Agreement Exchange for Damage or Loss Claim” with the client.

  • Booking Online

  • You agree to our terms of service when you book online.

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