Deep House Cleaning

Throughout the year, many homeowners may clean certain areas of their home at a time but rarely perform a thorough deep cleaning of their entire house at one time. It is beneficial to deep clean the whole house at least once a year to completely remove all dust and debris for a cleaner home and healthier environment. Deep cleaning every room of the house can be an overwhelming task and home cleaning service providers typically offer deep cleaning services to effectively clean every inch of your home. The following is a guide of what to expect from professional deep house cleaning services. 

Calcium Removal

Deep stain removal 

Toilet Rings Removed 

Light switches/ Switch plates and outlets cleaned/ A/C controls

Outside of trashcans wiped down

High dusting

Fans or portable a/c wiped down

Underneath light duty furniture/ rugs, vacuumed or mopped 

Top of book shelves/refrigerator cleaned

Stove overheads cleaned and degreased.

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